One Of The Most Important Business Basics- Marketing Planning

A marketing plan is a process which defines the position of the company in the market and strategies which are taken by the business organizations for its future growth. It also includes a set of objectives and goals which of an organization. It is crucial for the organization for making specific marketing plan as it is the appropriate framework for monitoring and controlling the various issues and also clarifies roles and functions with allocated resources. It also helps the employees to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness while working in the organizations. A marketing plan is imperative to business organization’s growth as it focuses on the specific strategies and objectives. The essential elements of marketing planning are market research and commercialization mix which identify the customer needs and demands. Marketing mix includes various aspects of product, price, place and promotion. Hence, marketing planning forms an integral part of business basics.

Reviewing of change perspective in marketing planning

A marketing plan is crucial to business organizations as it focuses on the specific strategies and objectives. The essential elements of a marketing plan are market research and commercialization mix which identify the customer needs and demands. Marketing mix includes various aspects of product, price, place and promotion. As many companies are operating in the competitive market thus, they need a current marketing plan which increases the effectiveness of the employees to introduce new products in the market.

With the passage of time, the concept of marketing has been changing. Marketing concept includes the idea of goods, selling a concept and also a concept of manufacturing of products. In this age of globalization, the concept of rights has changed to e-products and e-services. On the other hand, nowadays product marketing has improved, and it’s been through the internet. The Internet has opened the new window of promotion of products and selling of goods through websites. Technology also has created a new dimension of manufacturing of products and distributes the products in various countries.

Examining techniques for new product development

There are different methods of marketing planning for developing the new product in the organizations. As the organizations have their different objectives so in this context, corporate and business goals must be met. New product development techniques may include control methods. The control procedures must be involved monitoring and control systems of management of organizations. Authorities monitor the employees whether everything is going according to plan or not. On the other hand, controlling means the correct taking path for easy going of planning. Control techniques should be included benchmarking, balanced scorecard method, the marketing audit, profitability and sales control, etc.New product development, its pricing policies and communications develop with the help of integrated marketing communications. Integrated marketing mix contributes to communicate in clear sense, consistent and compelling message to the customers about the organizations and its brands.  The determining factors of communication objectives are Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction and purchase. The marketing mix in this context; mainly focuses on the 4 Cs that is Cost, Customer, Convenience and Communication.

Preventing Injuries in High School Athletes

young basketball player

With an increase in young athletes participating in sports programs, injuries like runner’s knee, ankle sprains, concussions, hamstrings, stress fractures and more have been on the rise. A recent study shows that high school athletes account for more than 2 million sports injuries every year. However, with proper techniques and controlled style of play, the risk of fatal sports injuries can be decreased.

Use of techniques and equipment that is designed to prevent injuries and shorten the muscle recovery time after intense workouts and games has become mainstream. Many schools have a leg compression machine, which provides sequential compression and expedites recovery. RP Sports is one of the leading manufacturers of  compression pumps and garments for different body areas. Ice baths are also being used by young athletes, just as they are for the professionals.

ice baths

Sports like soccer, basketball or rugby will always remain aggressively competitive, but some proper measures will help prevent these injuries. Here are some tips for high school athletes, coaches, parents and sports organizations to help the children stay free from injuries.

Young Athletes

  • Gear up to meet the demands of the sport. Make a plan and pick a routine to adjust to the level of fitness required.
  • Gradually increase the activity level and build up to a higher fitness level.
  • Warm up and cool down properly. This will make them less susceptible to injury.
  • Always use a mouth guard while playing contact sports.
  • Use well-fitted equipment and comfortable sportswear when playing.
  • Don’t play through an injury. That will only aggravate an injury and make it worse. Stick to the treatment regime recommended by a sports physiotherapist, doctor or coach.
  • Drinking plenty of water and eating a proper diet can help athletes prevent injuries and recover better from previous injuries

Coaches and Sports Organizations

  • Ensure that athletes wear the right equipment at all times for both practice and matches.
  • Encourage them to communicate any illness, injury or pain they may have encountered during or after any practice sessions or games.
  • Establish safety guidelines such as facilitating a proper warm-up, creating hydration breaks, encouraging injured players to sit out. Make sure that both athletes and parents follow these golden guidelines during every practice and match.
  • Get certified in CPR and learn how to perform first aid.
  • Keep a stocked first aid kit handy when athletes are practicing or playing a game.
  • Have protocols for adverse conditions.

young athletes


  • Take your child for a pre-participation physical examination to ensure they are physically fit to play that particular sport.
  • It is important that for parents to share emergency contact info and allergy information with their kid’s coaches.
  • If a kid has any history of asthma or any other medical conditions that need special attention, make sure to inform the coach about these even before the first practice session starts.
  • Athletes, especially young ones need plenty of rest so make sure they have at least a couple of days off from their sport every week.
  • Motivate kids to stay hydrated before, during and after play.

Don’t Take Chances with Concussions

  • It is important to learn all about the signs and symptoms of a concussion. This is an absolute must for all athletes, parents as well as coaches.
  • An athlete with a suspected concussion must be sidelined immediately and can be released only after a thorough evaluation by a medical professional.

By following these tips, student-athletes can avoid injury and enjoy all the benefits of participating in sports.…

Marketing a Tampa Animal Removal Business

What Are Some Good Ways to Market an Animal Removal Business?

Animal removal services are one of the few local businesses in Tampa that are in constant need of new customers. Unlike coffee shops, where first-time customers can become regular customers, customers of animal removal companies do not need to have wild animals removed very often, mainly because there are really only a few instances where the animals show up to terrorize humans.

If you own an animal removal company in Tampa, you should know that there a few marketing ideas that you can implement in order to promote your company. A good example of a company in Tampa that is using a lot of these marketing ideas is Phoenix Pest Management & Wildlife Control.

Search Engine Optimization

At the top of the list is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. What is SEO? It is really nothing more than a set of practices that enables websites to rank on Google for their most relevant keywords. If you have a website, you will definitely want to be ranked for animal removal Tampa, and other related keywords.

While SEO may seem easy, the fact of the matter is that it is anything but easy, and there are business owners who have done it themselves with no results to show for it. However, if you are serious about generating leads, you should do optimization for your website. Thankfully for you, you do NOT need to do it yourself as there are many companies and freelancers out there that specialize in search engine optimization. However, not all of them are created alike, and while there are those that do general SEO, there are also those that specialize in local search engine optimization.

animal removal tampa

Obviously, since getting rid of nuisance wildlife or animal pests from a home or business requires someone locally, you should find someone who specializes in local SEO. Aside from promoting your website on the search engine results, they can also create an entry about your business in Google’s local directory, which is something really useful, considering that directory entries are found right below the search bar. has excellent information on best SEO practices, and another place to learn is Search Engine Land.

Facebook Marketing

Aside from SEO, you should also do Facebook marketing. Create a page for your business and offer a great background image and profile picture. The idea behind having a Facebook page is to engage the people in your community and tell them that you are there in case they need help. In order to make your Facebook presence effective, create a fun offline event, like a wild animal display that you can post about. Make friends with the people in your area. Even better, promote your Facebook page by paying for Facebook ads. There is a lot of good information on how to run ads right on Facebook itself.

Like SEO, Facebook marketing can be a field littered with failures if you do not know what you are doing. If you are totally new, make sure to ask for help from social media marketers. It will cost you money in the beginning, but the cost pays for itself.

Social Media

SEO and Facebook are really just two ways that you can promote your business. There are others. You should create a profile on Yelp and ask former customers to leave a review and a high star rating. Having videos made and posted to your YouTube channel is a great way to get information to people about the animal removal services you provide.

If you have customers coming from Facebook, Google, or Yelp, make sure to establish contact with them by sending them an email about your services.